Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vegie garden 2013

I planted a few things inside this year, 2013. Tomatoes and green peppers. I used a heating pad and a growing lamp. It took them forever to get this size ( about two months)
This picture was taken May 8th 2013. I decided I  am going to buy larger mature  tomato plants from our local nursery in 2014. Maybe they will mature faster before the end of the summer.


Tomatoes July 21st. I have been breaking off the extra leaves to help speed up the maturity of the tomatoes. Hope it works.
 We got quite a few tomatoes before the frost.
However, we can always improve.
May 8th 2013-Here are our peppers growing inside.
Our pepper did poorly, just a few small ones before the frost.
I need to figure something out for 2014.
 Plants that always grow well each year in our garden is lettuce. It tastes so good fresh!

Here is planted onions, turnips, beets, carrots and green beans. July21 2013
I have decide not to plan turnips or many beets next year, as we don't use them well.
Today is Jan 10 2014. I can't wait until July of 2014 so I can compare growth.

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