Garden Art


Our grandkids love finding these little painted rock creatures
                                                                Cement decorated stepping stones.

 This is made from a pop bottle with a small  bowl glued upside down on the bottom end of the bottle. Broken tiles and glass beads were  glued to the bowl. By sticking the mouth of the pop bottle into the soil it stays put.

I love this little character!   A gift from a friend.
One fun way to use broken art pieces.
One year I was into painting rocks, fun!

                                      My try at birdhouses

A beautiful angel from our angel daughter

Homemade Pot with glass jewels

A garden is peaceful

Little touches

Our babies have to represent!

Fun kit from a friend!

No more words needed here.

While I have been waiting for it to warm up enough to plant I decided to start a little fairy garden.
Just geting started. Not sure what else I will add to it yet. But it has been fun!
I found this mirror at a thrift store and the sign is from a friend.

We had a bunch of license plates so I used them for to edge this flower bed. It's a good feeling to recycle. :-)