Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden Gift Ideas

Pot your plant in the smaller pot then fill the bottom of wide pot with blank rocks and then add your sentiments on  a few rocks with permanent marker then
 spray with a clear sealer. My friend will love this.

Look at thrift stores or garage sales for old sinks. You can put it on a wire plant
holder like this one or just place in your garden like it is. Great gift.

Our grand daughters love this fairy garden that we have. This is just a part of it.
Why not make one for them! 

Our daughter gave me this for my birthday one year. I love how it looks in the front garden.
I love this beautiful hanging pot of flowers my dear friend gave me this year!
A great gift for a friend when your life is so busy your don't even have time to think of making something. They'll love it like I do!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Painted Rocks from Grand kids.

When our grand kids come they like to paint rocks so we have been adding them to
our grandkids treasures area in the Hide Away Garden. I love them!

Fairy Garden June 2014

We started this fairy garden for our grandkids to play with.

New driveway and sidewalks

Remember the asphalt  that was here? It was getting pretty beat up so dad and I
decided to finally fix it. Dad knew a man named Tim that was real experienced with this type of thing so we hired him. You know Dad, he made sure that the cement was 6 in. thick and that there was rock and rebar under that so it should withstand the trucks and stay nice for our lifetime. Dad had this great idea to widen the front sidewalk and curve it. I love how it turned out! Now when you come to visit us you won't have to walk single file to the front door.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


My neighbors gave us some plums!
I've made plum jam, plum syrup and plum fruit leather. The fruit leather is quite easy to make. As I am getting older simplify is one of my favorite words.
Of course you can find any recipe of fruit jam on line our from your friends and family

Plum leather in the oven.
Just blend up your seeded plums (peel and all) add a bit of honey if needed. Line a cookie sheet with plastic wrap and pour plum mixture to a thin but solid layer. Bake at 200 degrees for an hour and check. Just keep cooking until it doesn't feel wet to the touch. Cool, peel of plastic and cut and wrap as you roll. It keeps well in a cool place.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We decided to add a fairy garden as part of our outdoor fun and decor.
Our grandchildren love moving the fairies around and using their imagination.
Every once in a while, magically, new fairies appear!