Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hide Away Garden

Our Hide Away Garden at the end of May in 2011. We created this place about 5 years ago. This place used to be just a patch of half grass half weeds.
We were blessed to have friends give us starts from their perineals as well as starts from our north and east side flowers gardens.
Our goal is to have all perineals, that way we'll just have to fill the pots with annuals in the summer.
Our grandkids really enjoy this spot.

Hide Away Garden from a different angle. This really is a sanctuary for us.


  1. That is the perfect little hideaway - well done!

    Hope you have a lovely week. :O)

  2. Hi, Betty, and welcome to Gardening Gone Wild! I LOVE your little Hideaway garden. It just goes to show that any little scrap of land can be a garden! Happy Blogging!

    Cathy in MA